Project Leader | Mentor

Project LEADER: Fabio Besti
Project ASSISTANT: Erika Baffico
Project MENTOR: Aoi Hasegawa

Project Authors

Kubra Araz,
Sukru Kaptanoglu,
Linyi Yao

Get in Touch

The project consists in three main stations: sitting/standing/playing. The sitting section has been designed as a place of rest and relax, in which through the screen positioned inside, people can connect phones and communicate with devices of other cities.

The standing section is dedicated to sensorial where the touch of various materials and the interaction with them can generate different experiences and sensations.

The exterior space is interactive and dedicated to the game in which lights and buttons, composed by soft materials, contribute to emotional enhancement through pressure.

This visionary project lays the foundations for a different future, reconsidering the idea of an increasingly virtual communication, and using this new vision as a business opportunity.

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