Project Leader | Mentor

Project Leader: Mark Anderson
Programme Leader:  Aoi Hasegawa

Project Authors

Caterina Fratino
Ezgi Gaye Goncu

Project Forgotten Future
Project Forgotten Future
Project Forgotten Future
A New Domestic Home

Forgotten Future is the redesign of the functional blocks in Visiona 1, showing the juxtaposition between Space Age of Joe Colombo and Post-Modernist Culture of Marcel Wanders, to create the unexpected scene in the contemporary moment. The modules created are the bedroom, the passage area, the bathroom, the living room and the kitchen.

The concept was developed taking into consideration the sensory aspect of space, the use of materials and technologies, the reference to the past through patterns and shapes and the design of kinetic furnishing elements. Each element is related to the user’s experience, both visual and gestural, through objects in our collective memory.

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