A game involving an app and a toy fish that collects and recycles waterborne trash.

Project by:
Jyothsna Joshi, Sruthi Yathindradas, Jiawen Lian, Bingyi Tian

Envisioning Workshop

Flograb is a gripping game involving the physical toy of a fish named “Flo” and an app that lets the user direct Flo to move through water collecting trash. The game engages the user through various time-based challenges involving Flo and real-world pollution. In a separate Explore mode, Flo and the user can explore the marine environment and discover new fun-filled facts. Flo is programmed so that after it collects a certain amount of trash, it is directed to empty the waste within the radius of Mr. Trash Wheel, a trash collecting system in use in Baltimore, USA. The boat collects all the trash from the trash bin, then separates and recycles it.

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