Project Leader | Mentor

Keiji Takeuchi

Project Authors

Minratsayakun Thanapongwattana
Yuhang Chen
Yuqi Ma

Two different parts

Floating consists of two parts, one big and one small (one part is used to hold sake, and the other part is used to place ice cubes). The small one has two hanging structures on both sides. The big one cuts two gaps with a hot tube. Correspondingly, first pour the drink into the big container, and then put ice cubes in a small container and put it into the gap. The suspension structure has two blocking designs, so that it will not shake from side to side but retains the design of floating and moving. When in use, the small container will always keep it in the correct position without affecting the use.

The goal of the project is to fill the vacant market, novel and unique design, increase the fun, and the interactive process with the product, try different design methods, shape and color matching under the premise of ensuring functionality.

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