Project Leader | Mentor

Alessandro Squatrito

Project Authors

Interaction Design & Service Design students

Skill Up
Skill Up
Skill Up
Playing without Stress

After analysing the market, the first group discovered that many individuals feel inadequate to join gaming platforms and prefer playing with friends rather than stressing over tournaments. With TeamUP, they devised an innovative gaming platform that enables users to feel confident in joining tournaments and enjoy themselves while playing, fostering team dynamics and social connections.

Meanwhile, another group worked on integrating entertainment with self-improvement. They developed Go & Play, offering users an immersive, rewarding, and transformative experience that combines the thrill of skill-based rewards with promoting holistic health.

With Skill Up Camp the third group concentrated on providing personalised learning experiences through one-on-one counselling sessions with certified gamers, alongside an immersive AR camping adventure featuring customisable avatars.

Another team tackled a different angle with Inside, an innovative desktop and mobile application cantered around video content aimed at bridging the gap between game developers and avid gamers. This platform enables developers to share their creative journey, gather feedback from gamers, and secure vital funding.

Group 5 aimed to enhance the gaming environment by enlisting the expertise of professional gamers to foster a supportive and motivating atmosphere. Their project, Cookies Companion, encourages casual gamers to enhance their skills in a selected game by offering mentorship opportunities, access to tutorials, and personalised 1-on-1 classes with mentors. Additionally, the platform encourages users to engage with fellow players in real-life settings. The sixth group focused on promoting teamwork and fostering a stronger sense of community through Cookies Craft.

During the workshop, a dedicated bootcamp on augmented reality was also organised, offering students the opportunity to explore the augmented reality sector in detail and acquire practical skills in using the various tools necessary for developing AR applications. This experience allowed students to broaden their knowledge and prepare to fully leverage the opportunities provided by augmented reality technology.

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