Project Leader | Mentor

Stefano Cardini,
Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Pujitha Gali,
Po Jui Sung,
Xiu Lin,
Elif Tuna

Ducati by You
Ducati by You
Personalized experience

The project of Pujitha Gali, Po Jui Sung, Xiu Linand Elif Tuna reviewed the user’s experience, humanizing it to create a connection for a personalized memorable Museum experience. 

Before the visit, users customize and personalize bikes through the Museum app, playing with Ducati skeleton.
By visiting the Museum, users can see the bike of their dreams come to life. Based on their color choice and customizations they are given a base track to add Ducati iconic engine sound by rotating the handles and creating their music video. In line with the Museum trends, the bike can be used in video games, purchased as NFT extending the experience after the visit and opening new revenue streams through merchandising.

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