Project Leader | Mentor

Maddalena Casadei

Project Authors

Jiahao Yu
Doruk Sönmezocak
Şaban Furkan Zıkkavun

Three Desserts

Three different chocolates, corresponding to the “human era” (Anthropocene), “transition period” (Chaos) and “symbiosis era” (Symbiosis): through the attributes of food, customers could experience the three changes in the evolutionary direction of symbiosis with nature. By adjusting and changing the shapes, textures, hardness, contact area with the mouth, melting time, and fillings of the three desserts, all of them use chocolate as the raw material to bring similar but different experiences to reflect the different characteristics of the three period.

This design explores the additional potential of food and creates different sensory experiences through the change of different attributes of food. Food is not just food, but as a tool that allows us to experience the future.

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