Project Leader | Mentor

Aoi Hasegawa
Michele Ignaccolo

Project Authors

Vissarut Suebprasit
Tuğçe Şanlıtürk
Khyati Agarwal

Connected Office
Connected Office
Connected Office
Physical and Digital Worlds are Combined

They designed a continuous connection between the different surfaces to facilitate communication and they provide the separation of areas with different level and location avoiding the traditional division of the offices into boxes and rooms. Special and collaborative fields can be combined as well as being separate when necessary. While the studio area is the physical space where the content is created, the gravity point on the ground floor becomes the most digital point of the office. With its touch, state-of-the-art screens and tables, hologram technology, and modular privacy option, it almost envelops the area where the physical and digital worlds are combined and hosts maximum connection.

This project Connected Office designed the workspace with a new approach, which includes areas that can be used in different ways according to the emerging needs of the users, such as meetings, lectures, creative design areas, and studio space. The items of furniture in the project are modular forms that can be adjusted according to the changing form of the space. By bringing the outdoor space into the interior and integrating it with the green space, it makes the atmosphere in the office more comfortable. Connected Office has three main features in its vision for the future: hybrid working, flexibility, and use of technology.

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