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Confined Senses – The Memorial

Domus Academy Envisioning Workshop Language

Project by:
Chen Luliang, Kopaleishvili Nuka, Sahinoğlu Kaan Can

Envisioning Workshop Language

Confined Senses – The Memorial


The theme of this Envisioning workshop is “Language”. The workshop was about language-related issues and phenomena which have an impact on our present and future society and aimed to predict cutting-edge realities based on merging innovative emerging technologies with socio-cultural, geo-political, and strategic thoughts. Students were asked to observe and question contemporary facts and themes related to Languages with a creative and critical mind-set. The goals of the workshop were to analyze scenarios related to the Language and to create a design concept. The Product Design students had to focus on a “thing”, while the Interior & Living Design students had to focus on a “space”. The result had to envision futuristic and significant realities related to Language.

The memorial is a research project which is an artificial sense intelligence that learns, adapts and reflects the collected data to its audience. It is the memory of lost senses that displays the present values of its surroundings to people. The memorial calls its audience to have a conversation to make them aware and awake of their surroundings. About the idea of the design group, the manifesto defines the perspective and experience to give to the audience. It will have its own language to express the message of the context in two main sections, the first individual and conventional conversation and the second collective and technological sharing. The systems analyze the data income and generate possible scenarios for personal and general issues. With past and present data, it produces possible future scenarios to compare the times that have been recorded. As a researcher, the design itself will learn and develop the proposal of its aspect. People will be witnessing these data together and get a chance to re-evaluate the actual time and route.


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