Project Leader | Mentor

Project Leader: Stefano Cardini, Federica Ricci

Programme Leader: Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Shih-Han Hung,
Sanyukta Rajkhowa,
Laura Restrepo,
Shiyi Xie,
Jing Zhou

Check the Real Price
Check the Real Price
Check the Real Price
The Luxury of Water

After analyzing the best practices benchmark, students proposed an innovative Water Footprint Fashion and Grocery Cafè Pop Up store, where items would be priced higher than usual to raise awareness about the real price in terms of water consumption the products have.

A tag on every product would show the price in the Southern Hemisphere of the water needed to produce a certain item. Sales generated during the event would go to ActionAid. The students also designed the physical pop-up store made of modular glass units adaptable to different functions. In addition, they conceived all the features of the awareness campaign online and offline.

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