Project Leader | Mentor

Project leader: Michele Ignaccolo
Projects advisor: Christia Chamoun
Project assistant: Aoi Hasegawa

Project Authors

Andrea Tasayco
Laura Correa

Celebrating Life
Celebrating Life
Celebrating Life
The new normal - Covid19 and after

Using transparent and translucent materials it gives chance to keep in contact by gazes, despite isolation. The space can be adapted to be used after the quarantine period, and become a new space in the existing apartment.

The small existing windows on the facade, is replaced by large and transparent openings. In this way, what happens in the apartments can be seen from outside and the relation between the inhabitants and the city is re-shaped, giving importance to the life events that happen every day behind the walls of the buildings and celebrating the life of the inhabitants by making them visible.

On the other hand, the interior space allows couples to interact during the quarantine and at the same time improves the spatiality of the existing apartment.

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