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Casa Natura

Inside Outside – New domestic vision

Project by:
Paula Antonia Hinderer


 The New Normal – COVID19 and after

Designers and thinkers are called to reinterpret new codes of living and redefine space functions. The new era of homes needs to be more flexible, support different activities, and adapt to new space demands. The residential space needs to explore different scenarios of interaction between inner and outer space. In order to be more self-efficient, the residential design proposal should in- corporate other little urban functions. A big factor people experienced during the pandemic was the need to be in nature.

The student developed the concept of Casa Natura, which was designed with the focus on the future – envisioning living space in the future people want to live close to nature, if not even in nature. Casa Natura is based on the concept of multifunctional nature living in interior and exterior. It is designed as a radical interior architectural solution by creating a house with a courtyard, as the heart of the home, taking into consideration the social and cultural behaviors, but also the daily routine of the inhabitants. A biophysical, biotic, and cultural interaction is experienced. As a result, inhabitants have high physical, mental, and social health levels because of the living quality.

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