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Project in collaboration with Experientia

Project by:
Elena Candeliere, Nicholas Aron, Wiphawee Maneengarm


Students used qualitative research to develop an in-depth understanding of people’s behaviours, actions, pain points and aspirations to identify key decision making moments, then they used these insights to design solutions that improve the way people engage with products and services. In collaboration with Jan-Christoph Zoels, Creative Director of Experientia, they defined proposals to impact people’s decisions and behaviours in times of social distancing. The objective of the workshop was to create a series of User Interfaces (UI) that lie in the immediate proximity of our body. After having identified a specific field (public, private or public/ private sphere), students had to propose their own Design Challenge and design a UI that delivers a novel form of interaction.

In this project students focused on hospitals and children, who are gamers and who represent given users. They found that children at the hospital struggle with psychological and emotional issues. The solution is a cute and playful communication and entertainment device focused on remedying fear, loneliness and boredom for children during their hospital stay. Cari is a physical product in the playful shape of an ambiguous animal. The primary practical feature is to connect the child with their parents, who may not be present in the hospital, and also with the medical staff. The most notable secondary feature is the ability for the device to entertain the child during their hospital stay. This includes games, media, music, etc. Cari aims to improve the happiness of children in hospitals, ultimately improving the ease with which professionals can do their jobs.

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