Project Leader | Mentor

Mario Abruzzese

Project Authors

Tuğçe Şanlıtürk
Malvika Ajay
Evelina Zhelyazkova

Blank Space
Blank Space
Blank Space
A Multi-Purpose Hall

Coming from the idea of saving space, Blank Space is a flexible and dynamic infrastructure with a wide range of digital tools, including mechanized ceiling and modular seating. It is a multi-purpose hall that fuses creativity, performance arts, and digital culture together. Artists and visitors can use this space as a platform to express themselves through various forms of art, as well as interact and connect with each other. The experiences offered will depend on the scale of the place, ranging from small-scale experience through hands and eyes to a large scale full-body experience.

The aim of this project is to encourage human interaction and experience through art.

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