Project Leader | Mentor

Mario Abruzzese,
Aoi Hasegawa

Project Authors

Hangrok Cho,
Khyati Agarwal,
Devyani Chaudhari

Beyond Visual

Hangrok Cho, Khyati Agarwal and Devyani Chaudhari conceived Beyond Visual, an innovative interactive space to repurpose the empty branches after the bank’s digitalization. They envisioned a multisensory multimedia art exhibit and a collaborative space for artists through a temporary, flexible, and reusable system.

The platform gives emerging artists the chance to showcase their works and collaborate with other professionals from different backgrounds such as music, food innovation, and technology to create a more significant impact and engage and reach a wider audience through their art.

The ultimate purpose of the space is to use the ability of art to create emotional experiences and overcome physical, mental, and sensory limitations.

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