Project Leader | Mentor

Fabio Besti,
Elisa Chiodo

Project Authors

Ghadir El Akli Mansour,
Vidhi Marda,
Arjun Gaind,
Sofia Bernardini,
Prasita Chaisen

Bello Personality
Bello Personality
Bello Personality
Personalized experience

Ghadir El Akli Mansour, Vidhi Marda, Arjun Gaind, Sofia Bernardini and Prasita Chaisen recognised that an effective travel experience is based on personalization and community interaction. They took inspiration from the series of children’s puzzle books ‘Where’s Wally?’, to envision a platform in which Ostello Bello guests can receive a personalized experience curated for their own needs.

They created four different personality types: Tiger of Bovisa, Fish of Navigli, Dragon of Duomo and Bear of Brera. By taking a personality test, travelers can experience the city through tailor-made itineraries based on their personality types. On the website, each type is explained and various suggestions and links are offered for guests to expand their research about the city. It also helps guests to engage with each other.

Personality stickers around the city, on streets and next to bars, can create curiosity and awareness about the brand for locals as well as tourists that are not guests of Ostello Bello.

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