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Aster for Art

Project in Collaboration with Aster Cucine

Project by:
Jirayu Kumsup, Gloria Galasi

Design of Spaces “Architectural Moods” Workshop

Aster Cucine stands out from its competitors through its five kitchen moods designed for every customer’s taste: Modern, Transitional, Factory, Luxury Glam, and Traditional. Entering the space will be like entering an art gallery, where Aster will present an iconic international artist whose work communicates the same feeling as each kitchen mood.

The link between each artwork and kitchen mood is emphasized by keywords and video imagery. The exhibition is a journey from the present to the past, as visitors are guided through different artworks while they are immersed in Aster’s moods and emotions. The basement level is a more commercial space, with prototypes of the five kitchens, each personalized and showing links with the artist.


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