Project Leader | Mentor

Project Leader: Nima Gazestani
Project Expert: Giacomo Ferrari
Project Mentor: Michele Aquila

Project Authors

Catalina Dussan,
Lorena Moreta,
Francesca Caronna

An Open Story
An Open Story
An Open Story

The first phase of engagement is developed through the involvement of a group of influencers related to the design world, creating hype about Milano Design Week, and to give more visibility to the event on social media.

This operation includes sending a box of chocolates, inside which it is possible to frame a code and start a video that invites users to participate to the event.

Then, for the second phase, students developed an exhibition path in which visitors are able to use Augmented Reality to discover aspects related to the product such as shape, manufacturing process, designer and some more specific multimedia content related to design object.

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