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Project in collaboration with Experientia

Project by:
Yoaana Peshev, Chris Lihaut, Mohnish Bahal


In this workshop, students had to design cutting-edge solutions that align products and services with people’s behaviours, actions and aspirations in collaboration with Jan-Christoph Zoels, Creative Director of Experientia, an international, independent, award-winning UX research and service design agency. The aim of the workshop was to design a series of User Interfaces (UI) that lie in the immediate proximity of our body (ideally reachable within a radius of 40-50 cm). After having identified a specific field (public, private or public/ private sphere), students had to define their own Design Challenge and design a UI that delivers a novel form of interaction in times of social distancing.

The aim of this project is to propose a solution to the issues related to senior citizens. The elderly is facing the challenge of compete social isolation, which has contributed to an exponential increase in anxiety and stress. Amico aims to create a community of like-minded elders to battle loneliness. Itis a mobile app designed for users above 60 years old. The app creates an opportunity for seniors to learn or teach unique skills to their local community. Amico also leverages these social interactions to build a stronger sense of community. The app allows users to discover or connect with local community members, learning about their interests, skill set and more. Amico generates local opportunities for socially isolated senior citizens to build strong and real connections digitally. It fosters community building on the dimensions of emotion, learning, and teaching.

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