Project Leader | Mentor

Marina Baracs

Project Authors

Melis Eruz
Sena Özgürcan
Halit Besli
Elene Kanchaveli

Alchoma Health Bar
Alchoma Health Bar
Alchoma Health Bar
The Flow of Alchoma Bar

They created a digital journey screen at the entrance where the Flow of Alchoma Bar is presented. Entering the bar, the central part hosts a long minimal water basin that emphasise the calmness and purity of Clinique La Prairie. On the water, customers see the marble bar island with integrated seating. Right next to the bar, a designed solid water basin with faucet pipes coming out of the ceiling offers the customers an additional experience for treatment and workshops. Across the water basin, customers can relax on the sofas in the cozy lounge. Right next to the water basin where a path allows you to walk to the other side of the bar, there are modular tables inside the water. At the end of the Bar layout a solid marble retail counter with shelf with longevity supplements, bottles of aromatherapy oil and Clinique La Prairie’s special alpine herbs from Switzerland can be purchased at the Alchoma Health Bar.

Furniture can be modular and flexible. Adaptable to any workshop or treatment, transforming the atmosphere of the Bar each time.

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