Students from the Master’s in Business Design attended the Entrepreneurship Through Design Workshop titled “Actionable Utopia, how to realistically change the word”, whit the objective to conceptualize and realize the plan of an Impact Enterprise as well as its investor-ready pitch deck.

Students from the Luxury Brand Management Master have completed a Strategic Brand Management Workshop entitled “The Transfiguration of Art” in collaboration with Christie’s, aiming at developing a tailored brand strategy to reinforce the auction house’s brand perception and awareness within an Italian audience of young art collectors.

The ones from the Master’s in Product Design followed the Advanced Design and Processes Workshop called “Light in motion” in collaboration with Rotaliana, with the objective to identify a series of new types of portable lamps which will have a close relationship with human actions.

Students from the Master’s in Fashion Design attended the workshop titled “Empowering one’s creative self, a fashion identity journey through Knits and Garments” with the goal to produce a capsule collection focused on the development of knits and clothes.

The ones from the Master’s in Interior & Living Design followed the Design of Spaces Workshop called “Game – Monopoly 2020”, with the aim to design interior spaces inspired by a possible game board of Milano 2020.

Students from the Master’s in Interior & Living Design and the Master’s in Urban Vision & Architectural Design attended the workshop “Roofs” in collaboration with Forsbury Architecture, with the aim to design strategies to house new functions, largely public, on the rooftops of Milan.

Lastly, students from the Master’s in Visual Brand Design have completed the Identity Design Workshop titled “ActionAid: The luxury of water”, a project in collaboration with ActionAid and AKQA, with the objective to raise awareness on social issues and to strengthen the link with the city of Milan and with the network of institutions and companies.

All the workshops were developed and presented online. Students came up with several different ideas, creating inventive projects starting from the briefs given.

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