Melissa Gisherman
Melissa Gisherman
Melissa Gisherman

“This past year has been full of challenges, surprises and fun experiences. I lived in a magical city, learned a new language, made amazing friends, pushed my own boundaries and became a beautiful new version of myself.

I did not plan this for a long time. Everything just kind of happened once I got the feeling of wanting to do a master and fulfill my dream of living abroad. I searched different schools and countries and the best suit for me at the moment was Domus Academy. I really did not know what to expect though it was a very pleasant surprise. Domus Academy was a place for me to experiment, explore and connect with topics I had never studied before. It allowed me to complete my professional experience by working with real briefs in different companies from different sectors and I feel how I evolved workshop after workshop, changing my vision and getting out of the corporate mindset I was in.”

“This time in Milan and at Domus Academy opened my mind and intensified my creativity & will to learn and discover. Domus Academy and Milan was exactly what my life needed. Now I can proudly call myself a designer, and I love it. But the best part of all are my friends. So many people I met along the way, some of them who I call my family now. People from all over the world from whom I have learned, who challenged me and who also helped me understand just how similar we all are.
My master experience left me with extra drive and inertia to continue to imagine, search for inspiration, and practice my creativity with confidence.

Best decision ever.”

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