Manuela defines herself as “a dreamer, an innovator, a thinker and a Product Designer.” She earned a Master’s in Industrial Design in 2001, followed by a Master’s in Interaction Design from Domus Academy in 2002. Her professional experience spans across interaction design, service design, product design, design strategy and design research. In the past 15 years, she has been passionate about crafting experiences that merge the boundaries between physical and digital, believing that hardware and software are extensions of each other that need to blend in order to deliver the most meaningful user experience. Her objective is to bring designers and engineers together from the start, believing that together they are able to define the big picture and move from vision to go-to-market products. The projects that Manuela is interested in and passionate to solve all share the same aim: improve the life of other people. This higher goal is an evident thread among all projects she has worked on from designing, crafting and delivering mass-market solutions for emerging markets to bespoke and tailored experiences for users who want and need to maintain and improve their health goals.

The webinar will be held on the 25th of June at 6.00 pm (CEST). Event by registration.

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