Take the chance to register to the next webinar Connecting the Dots on September 27th, an online opportunity to meet our Alumno Gianpaolo Tucci, Designer and Artist, to get insights and inspiration from his career path.

Gianpaolo Tucci, in conversation with Andrea Piccolo, Experienced Innovator and Manager, will discuss his journey from the beginning to his latest achievements.

Gianpaolo Tucci is a multidisciplinary designer and artist, born in Italy and currently based in Berlin. He graduated in “Industrial design for fashion” at La Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli, faculty of Architecture in 2007 and then received his master’s degree in Interaction Design in Milano at Domus Academy in 2008.

He founded and directed Atelier About, a Berlin-based fashion brand, and he is currently working as a Creative Director consultant with various Corporates Brand and Agencies, combining his passion for both art and technology currently focusing on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning potential as a possible game changer when applied to design processes and creative discovery, in particular, he is focusing on how AI can change the landscape of typography with his project @Aesthetics_Imperfections.

At Nokia & HERE he worked as Horizontal Design Principal, part of the design leadership team, being a key player for .com strategy definition and implementation with a +35% NPS increase. As an individual specialist, Gianpaolo looked horizontally after product’s alignment, evolution and innovation for Mobility, Customer Experiences and Design Forward innovation team. At Google he worked towards the revamping of the new Google account GDPR privacy regulation on web and web mobile platforms, influencing material design 2 pattern definition for web and web mobile platform.

Recently he has been awarded with one Sliver Lion and one Bronze Lion at Cannes, the international festival of Creativity with Auditorial project done at R/GA London improving digital storytelling for Visually Impaired people.

Among the many, he worked for and with Siemens, eBay, Unilever, Moncler, Ferrari, Barilla, Zalando, Puma, Vollebak, Alfa Romeo, Maserati, Ducati, and many more.

The talk will be held at 5.30 pm CEST on September 27th, 2023

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