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The 3D Commerce Working Group brings together companies involved with all facets of the industry—from production to distribution to consumption of 3D content—to create the necessary open standards and guidelines to streamline content creation, create alignment between retailers and content creators, and make experiencing 3D virtual products consistent no matter where and how they are viewed.

The workshop aimed at designing and prototyping immersive and interactive shopping experiences for the Biffi Boutiques.

The projects established connections between the physical space of retail, and the online digital space, developing solutions able to exploit the potential of representation derived from 3D, gaming, AR / VR, and other immersive environments.

Students are asked to design a temporary commercial space, physical and digital, able to involve a community of users / customers, whose purchasing experience is enriched by a multisensory experience.

Interaction Design students worked in collaboration with the students in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising, who have had the objective to create an interactive visual installation for one of the three stores owned by Biffi, i.e. Biffi Boutiques, B-Contemporary & Banner.

The objective of the workshop was to design holistic interactive experience.

Students researched and comprehend the retail identity and personality of each of the three Biffi Boutiques.

Master’s in Fashion Management students worked for the fashion buying workshop to create a holistic buying strategy and to create a capsule for one of the three stores owned by Biffi in tune with the corresponding themes Contemporary Art/ Design, Sustainability, Music/Cinema/Lifestyle, Contemporary new womenswear.

The groups from the Master’s in Fashion Management worked in coordination with the groups from the Master’s in Fashion Styling & Visual Merchandising and the groups from the Master’s in Interaction design to create seamless multi-faceted strategies.

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