Xin Zhao conceived ‘Digital Nomad’, inspired by Gianfranco Ferrè and his peculiar use of geometric shapes deconstruction. The collection aimed at describing nomadism way of living, combining traditional clothes and futuristic style to show the transition of the traditional nomadism into the digital nomad.

Greta Bartolozzi envisioned ‘Noumenon’, inspired by the work of Lucio Fontana and Alberto Burri in which the artists express the concept of space beyond space. The collection proposed large volumes finished with stitching that reveal the silhouette of the body, to show the difference between perception and reality.

İlayda Gürcan created ‘Holographic Heclectism’, a collection influenced by the Metaverse. The eclectic collection combines simple drapes used in the field of fashion and inspired by different philosophies, created by using robotic level.

Andrea Lolato conceived ‘Kecho’, a capsule collection that looks at the wealth of ethnic minorities and natural resources already present on our planet. Preserving cultural diversity and developing the ability to coexist with other peoples is at the heart of the concept. The exchange of knowledge between people enriches humanity that knows how to listen.

Yingyi Lu made ‘Dark Nightmare of the blind’ inspired by the Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. In 2002, in the masterpiece ‘During Sleep’ at the Lucerne Museum of Art in Switzerland, Chiharu Shioda used countless threads of black cotton, crossing each other and intertwined them around a steel tube single bed on which 24 women slept casually and peacefully, presenting a unique tranquility.

Meraki, by Caterina Gianni, semantically means to do something with passion. The sail fabric is perfect to tell a story about a collection that aims to last eternally, give a sense of lightness, freedom and connection with the nature. The collection is inspired by the sportswear of sailing, surf, kite revisited in an urban and streetwear style. The collection is also multi-wearing and genderless.

Domus Academy Master in Fashion Design combines conceptualization with textile manipulation, garment prototyping, branding, and image-based storytelling. Students have the opportunity to develop a sophisticated understanding of the fashion industry and prepare for an exciting career within it.

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