Domus Academy has given its academic contribution to BAM Open Air Design, an event dedicated to outdoor design conceived by COIMA Image, within the cultural program of BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, a project of the Riccardo Catella Foundation.

For four days, from 11 May to 14 May, BAM will once again be transformed into a widespread open-air museum.

Domus Academy will present the exhibition ‘New Outdoors’ and a talk about our students’ projects created during a workshop conceived by Domus Academy in collaboration with Coima Image at the beginning of 2022.

Domus Academy students from the Master in Product Design, explored the importance of the connection with the outdoors, as an extension of the living environment, a space for activities, a place to meet, relax and entertain. They have been challenged to design contemporary outdoor furniture and products exploring contemporary, comfortable, and innovative outdoor living scenarios in different environments. The workshop was structured as a design competition, where companies participating into BAM Open Air Design, Artemide, De Castelli, Florim, JANUS et Cie, Lualdi, Poltrona Frau, Riva 1920, Roda, Sesia&Co., have been involved and assigned to each group of students to envision a product inspired by their brand.

During BAM Open Air Design, the fascinating scenario of BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano will be divided into sections dedicated to each company. In fact, White Circle will be drawn on the lawn of the park, 9 as the exhibits presented. Within them there will be talks and exhibitions for the entire duration of the event.

On 14th May at 6 pm, Domus Academy will be on stage leading a talk about the innovative projects envisioned by our students. Speakers: Alida Catella, CEO COIMA Image, Francesca Colombo, General Director for Culture BAM – Biblioteca degli Alberi Milano, Fondazione Riccardo Catella, Mark Anderson, Domus Academy Director of Education, Aoi Hasegawa, Master in Product Design Programme Leader with Domus Academy students.

BAM is a project by Fondazione Riccardo Catella, BAM Open Air Design is an event conceived by COIMA Image with the academic contribution of Domus Academy.

BAM Open Air Design, Via Gaetano de Castillia 28, 20124 Milan

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