Morgan, together with Ocean Builders, won the Professional Grand Prize with their project “Float With Us”, an extended stay that goes beyond aesthetics and dives deeper into the natural world. Experience new cultures and state of being unlike anything else. Is a first-of-its-kind ocean-based residency of self-sufficient floating SeaPods that allow guests to commit not only to their well-being, but also contribute to giving life back to an unseen world. These self-sufficient SeaPods produce their own energy, clean water and coral gardens.

With 360 degree views of the water, they also reflect the true you back to yourself. They have designed a guest suite where the window on surrounding view may inspire you to stay in bed all day long. They also include a Suite spa where guests can relax and refresh in a floating bath spa with shower jets thanks to also the multicolor underwater LED mood lighting.

With her team, Morgan developed a solid waste incinerator that turns toilet waste into a tablespoon of harmless non-toxic ash. The heat from the incinerator will be used to hot water of shower, bath and sinks. The surface material of SeaPods is Corian, a materials extremely durable, easly renews, resistant and Greenguard Certified. The project creates affordable eco-restorative SeaPods that allow people to experience the beauty of living on the water. The first model is currently being fabricated in Panama. By creating a collaborative open-source development space they were able to allow contributions from across the globe.

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