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Tea Gelashvili launches “AWAKENING”

21 January 2021

Our former student launches her New Collection 2021 AWAKENING with the brand Synesthesiac.

Domus Academy is proud to announce that Tea Gelashvili, a former student, has launched the brand Synesthesiac with her new collection 2021 “Awakening”.

The collection is inspired by her transformation during the lockdown in her 25 squared meters home when her life was on PAUSE.

The point of the collection is to express all the polarizing feelings and personalities surfacing from inside out as well as the influence of the movies which she had been watching. The collection is soaked with her inner conditions, which were flouncing from suffocation to the joy of being alive and reverse, colored up with the constant traveling from one movie to another.

The concept of being locked at home is mirrored in the choice of fabrics, which are “those that you can find at home”. Some of them are very old – vintage silks from her grandma’s, some are leftovers from the previous collections. She decided to support the concept of sustainability with all the fabric choices.

The silhouettes she created give out a “homy” feeling – long pajama pants, straight elongated bathrobe kind of coats, silk jacquards, luscious mix of prints all help to create the feeling of the comforting cocoon she lived. They are in contrast with an enormous desire for freedom and the destructive conflict between the inability to release the apprehension that “the world is no longer a sheltering place” and the sad hail towards the amusement of normal life.

If Tea hadn’t gone through the experience of her “life on pause” she wouldn’t be where she is now – stronger, more conscious and grateful of her inner, beautiful and loving self and able to feel that dazzling amusing feeling of being liberated and happy.

Colors: Emerald Green, Red, Beige, Camel, Dusty Pink, Light Pastel Purple, Pastel Yellow.

Accessories: knitted net hats, puffy down bags, low-heel mules, covered with vintage fabrics


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