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Prada School Board Project for our students

7 October 2020

Domus Academy is proud to share that Prada Group launched a School Board project, with a section dedicated exclusively to the applications for Domus Academy students.

Prada Group School Board is a recruiting initiative dedicated to students who are graduating in this particularly difficult time. The School Board is therefore a space for Schools, Institutes, Universities on a rotation basis, so that new graduates may have the chance of getting directly in touch with the Prada Group’s HR Team through the Work with Us section.

Just like a Job Board, students can directly apply to internship opportunities, junior and temporary positions in line with the gained experience. For the Prada Group, the importance of getting directly in touch with graduates allows to create a fast track for the search and screening of young professionals to join one of the Italian offices, in Lombardy and Tuscany.

For this reason, once the most talented profiles have been identified, they aim to keep their engagement high and constant over time. For example, through online and offline meetings with Prada managers and directors who will guide new graduates in their daily activities and in the philosophy and values of the Prada Group. This activity will not only guarantee engagement, but will also give new graduates the opportunity to discover more so that, once they join the company, they will be already prepared to start their journey.

If you are a new graduate, you can apply to start connecting with the Prada Group!

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