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Luxury of Water

29 May 2020

Domus Academy is proud of its students who developed some communication proposals for a campaign to raise awareness about the right and the access to water.

In occasion of the Design Week, Domus Academy has collaborated with ActionAid and AKQA, involving 45 students from the Master’s in Visual Brand Design, the Master’s in Business Design and the Master’s in Product Design, asking them to respond to a brief of ONLUS starting from the concept of “Luxury of Water”. Students realized 11 campaign proposals considering water not has an essential element of life, but as a luxury and a precious good for few people. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness about the value of water and to make people reflect about the theme at an emotional level. The workshop was fully coordinated online with lectures, revisions and feedback from the two companies involved, in direct connection with all parts of the world. Students were guided through the project phases by Elisa Chiodo (Project Leader of the Master’s in Visual Brand Design and Project mentor), with the support of Stefano Cardini and Federica Ricci (Designers and Project Leaders). The projects were also followed by Raffaella Lebano, Vice Secretary General and Markets Development & Expansion Director of ActionAid and by Antonella Sannella, Marketing Director & Business Partner of AKQA.

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