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Karen Chekerdjian among the designers who are changing Beirut

16 January 2020

Karen Chekerdjian was selected by Elledecor among the designers who are changing Beirut, a city as chaotic as stimulating, where a new creative generation is emerging.

Karen Chekerdjian is a Lebanese designer attended the Domus Academy Master’s in Industrial Design in 1997.

After a period dedicated to cinema and advertising, she went in Milan to attend Domus Academy.

The Milanese period is for her a phase of transformation, there, she met and collaborated with her mentor Massimo Morozzi, in this period Karen produced her first piece, Mobil, which was fabricated and distributed by Edra, marking the beginning of her new career.

In 2001, she returned to Beirut and there she founded a design studio in order to continue actively rethinking and redefining her métier and methods.

The studio has developed into a brand that produces series furniture and accessories collection, limited edition furniture, custom-made unique works and practices spacial design.

Karen’s work, considered works of art, objects and/or architectures, has been in many international exhibitions and galleries over the past twenty years.

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