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Gianandrea Barreca lecture ‘Architectural Project – Exterior and Interior’

30 November 2019

On 29th November Gianandrea Barreca gave a lecture at Domus Academy titled “Architectural Project – exterior and interior” to Master’s in Interior and Living Design students. The lecture marks another appointment of the lasting collaboration between Domus Academy and the Cofounder of Barreca & La Varra Studio.

The lecture was part of the Design of Spaces Workshop launched in November in collaboration with Paletti Group, having Gianandrea Barreca and Marina Baracs as Project Leaders.

Gianandrea Barreca is an Architect, born in Genoa, he is expert in building and architectural design, with particular regard to the morphological and compositional themes of the architectural project, always related to the relationship with the context, sustainability and natural elements.
Since 2004 he has collaborated with Domus Academy as Director of the Master’s in Urban Vision and Architectural Design, from 2006 to 2012,  and as Scientific Advisor of the Design Area, from 2013 to 2018.
In 2008 he cofounded Barreca and La Varra Studio named “Best Urban Architectural Design Firm 2019 – Milan” by the British magazine BUILD. He designed the renowned Vertical Forest Towers with Stefano Boeri and Giovanni La Varra.

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