Product Manager: what they do and how to become one

Product manager

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Product manager

The Product Manager is a central figure in the corporate world, tasked with guiding the development strategy and management of a product, along with its market distribution possibilities according to market resources. This role is crucial for achieving corporate goals, bearing the responsibility of coordinating the design, production, and marketing activities to ensure the product’s market success.

This guide will discuss how the Product Manager’s role is a key component for a product’s success in the market and how it requires a combination of technical abilities, management skills, and a deep understanding of the industry in which they operate. Furthermore, this profession is subject to constant updates, participation in industry meetings and events, and the ability to adapt to market dynamics and technological evolutions.

To pursue a career as a Product Manager, it’s essential to follow a training path that provides solid professional competencies. A degree or specialisation in the relevant sector and years of relevant work experience in similar work contexts are among the necessary requirements. Additionally, working in companies that operate in the product’s sector is an excellent way to acquire the necessary knowledge. Another degree in disciplines such as management, marketing, or engineering can also provide a strong foundation for this role.

The key competencies and functions of a Product Manager include the ability to plan and lead product development, deep market knowledge and its characteristics, and team management skills.

The ability to formulate and effectively implement a marketing strategy, along with strong communication and leadership skills, are essential. Furthermore, the tasks of a product manager include organizing meetings and market research, conducting selling tests to understand competition processes, and consulting and support activities for the project manager.

Managing the product lifecycle, from design to production and sales, requires a holistic approach and particular attention to the product’s quality and strengths. Managing deadlines is also crucial.

The Product Manager extensively uses specialised software for planning, monitoring, and managing digital activities or those related to the product intended for customers.

Design tools, sales monitoring software, and project management platforms are fundamental for the company’s work growth (also in the digital landscape) and for effective activity coordination.

The Product Manager operates in a leadership role across various sectors, from technology companies to manufacturing firms. Their position is often at the company’s development or business development office but requires close collaboration with other company roles (sales, marketing, and production teams).

Their responsibility (and main task) is to ensure that the product aligns with customer needs, opportunities, and market expectations.

The Product Manager can develop appropriate skills within the Master in Product Design.

The Master in Product Design combines an interdisciplinary and intercultural approach with a design component in collaboration with leading companies in the design, engineering, and business sectors. By exploring new territories, the Master in Product Design aims to integrate design, technology, and innovative manufacturing methods.

This stimulating method expands knowledge on what is currently happening in the industry, and consequently enhances the ability to anticipate future market needs to conceive visionary design solutions.

The deep practical and theoretical knowledge of material properties, applied technology, and close collaboration with leading companies specialised in projects and real market challenges, allow Domus Academy students to acquire valuable skills also in product management, from the design phase to sales.

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