What does a Fashion Brand Manager do?

Fashion Brand Manager

This role is essential to the success of a brand. Discover what it takes to become a Fashion Brand Manager.

Fashion Brand Manager

This role is essential for the success of a brand. The fashion brand manager is, in fact, the person who develops the branding strategy and allows the brand to gain visibility and maximize results.

It’s a complex role which combines creativity with business management. In agreement with the creative team, they have to establish the stylistic codes of the collections, define the price positioning of the garments, as well as the most suitable sales channels. They also have to monitor the results achieved by the brand (both in terms of image perception and sales) and the main competitors. Based on these results, the strategy can gradually be modified, acting on various levers (for example, communication or distribution).

In principle, the Fashion Brand Manager has a degree in economics (business administration or marketing management). However, a background in psycho-social sciences is also possible, as this knowledge is fundamental for understanding the dynamics behind consumption. The degree is followed by a master’s degree to deepen the characteristic issues of brand management (brand strategy, visual merchandising, digital marketing, etc.).

The fashion brand manager must capture trends and be able to provide solutions within the dynamic fashion industry, which is influenced by social, cultural, economic and technological changes. The fashion brand manager learns how to develop research and analysis projects in order to propose effective strategies that are consistent with the brand identity.

This role acts in between two company departments (and two worlds!): the creative team and the marketing and sales team. Therefore, this person must have excellent relationship and mediation skills, know how to listen and understand different languages, how to manage tensions and conflicts, how to identify the elements for resolution and finally find a point of agreement. In order to define the correct strategy, it is necessary to always be aware of what is happening both in the world of fashion and, more generally, in society. Another relevant soft skill is the ability to manage multiple tasks simultaneously. The ability to work concurrently on various projects is key! For example, within a workday, there may be the need to switch from the analysis of sales data to the study of style trends.

The fashion brand manager uses daily calculation and analysis softwares, such as Excel, which help monitor brand performance (sales, margins, etc.). At the same time, they can use writing and presentation programs (for example, PowerPoint, Keynote, Canva) for internal and/or external reporting and meetings.

The fashion brand manager works within a company. Once they gain more experience and expertise, they can move from a junior position to a managerial role. This means they move from simple execution to the autonomous development of the brand strategy. Later, their range of responsibilities (and, consequently, the salary), can be expanded, for example, managing branding activities at an international level.

The fashion brand manager can develop their skills within the Master in Fashion Management at Domus Academy. The programme is designed for candidates who have a first-level degree and/or professional experience in fashion and accessory design, arts, humanities, economics, or business, but is also open to those with a background in other disciplines if they are motivated by a strong interest in fashion management.

There are two types of Master in Fashion Management at Domus Academy. The Academic Master (60 ECTS credits) is developed over 5 modules, a curricular internship and a final project workshop and it allows to gain an Academic Master’s Degree accredited by the Ministry of University and Research (MUR), a qualification recognised in Europe and worldwide, as well as a Domus Academy Master Diploma. With the Double Award Master (90 ECTS credits), students have the opportunity to integrate the course of study consisting of 5 modules, a curricular internship and final project workshop, with additional lessons and a more in-depth individual project thesis. With the Double Award Master, students can obtain an Academic Master recognized by the MUR and, in addition, a Master of Arts officially recognized by the British system (Privy Council) and issued by Regent’s University London.

The Domus Academy’s Master in Fashion Management includes theoretical courses in Fashion Marketing & Management, Integrated Communication Strategy, Advanced Business for Design, Professional Accelerator Activities, and the workshops in Fashion Brand Management and Fashion Buying. Students also have to attend an elective workshop to be chosen among Fashion Styling, Entrepreneurship through Design, Retail & Visual Merchandising and Digital Communication.

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