How to become a Communication, PR & Events Manager?

Communication, PR & Events Manager

Discover what a Communication, PR and Events Manager does and how to embark on this professional path. Trust Domus Academy for your training!

Communication, PR & Events Manager

The Communication, PR & Events Manager manages a brand’s communication projects, public relations with print and online journalists and the organisation of corporate events. Together with his team, he defines communication strategies aimed at promoting the brand’s image and reputation, taking care of the diffusion of press releases highlighting the brand’s initiatives in its target markets, whether local or international.

Therefore, they are responsible for:

  • Taking care of relations with customers, traditional or digital media and various stakeholders
  • Monitor reference market trends and public opinion to define communication strategies optimised according to market needs.

What are the most required skills and abilities to do this job? What academic path should one follow to become a Communication, PR and Events Manager? Why is this role indispensable across various sectors?

To become a player in the world of communication and public relations, it is recommended to undertake a targeted educational path through targeted University courses and Academic Master’s programmes focused on public and international communication, PR management and event organisation. The next step is to find internships or roles as Junior Communications & PR Specialist in companies, communication agencies, public institutions or non-profit organisations to gain practical experience and acquire contacts with journalists and freelancers to build a solid professional base.

Continuing education with specialisation programmes, semester courses, Master courses, or short courses that address new trends in the industry and issue additional specific skills and certifications to enrich one’s cultural background and curriculum vitae is a plus.

To become a Communication, PR & Events Manager, the candidate must possess several skills including:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills;
  • Advanced organisational, time and resource management skills;
  • Natural predisposition for interpersonal relations and teamwork;
  • Strong creativity in designing successful events and campaigns;
  • Analytical skills to evaluate the effectiveness of devised strategies.

An advanced ability in crisis management is also indispensable to handling emergency situations and maintaining the integrity of the corporate reputation at particularly critical moments, always to protect the brand identity.

This professional role requires daily use of media monitoring tools to check the media coverage of a communication or event, following the launch of press releases.

Furthermore, among the must-have professional tools for a Communication, PR & Events Manager are CRM software – such as Salesforce or HubSpot, allowing to keep track of interactions with audiences and the results of campaigns undertaken. Media monitoring tools also play a critical role, allowing the verification of media coverage for communications or events.

Event management platforms like Eventbrite or Cvent, and project management tools such as Asana or Trello are also used to simplify the coordination of team activities. Furthermore, marketing automation tools are indispensable for optimising the launch of communication campaigns and noting their outcomes.

Communication, PR & Events Managers can work in various environments:

  • Large and small companies, either in marketing or communication departments;
  • Communication agencies, where they will be required to manage the customer database, design tailor-made campaigns and deal with public relations;
  • Non-profit organisations and public institutions, as professionals to manage institutional communication and plan events for awareness-raising and fundraising.

Domus Academy offers official annual specialisation courses, such as Master in Fashion Management and Master in Luxury Brand Management, with official certification. These fashion and business courses consist of a mix of lectures and workshops in partnership with companies. With the guidance of industry professionals, students will be able to engage with their peers during intensive group projects and receive individual coaching and mentoring sessions.

In addition to theoretical lectures and practical experience, internships in industry companies are an integral part of the Master’s courses, allowing students to establish important professional relationships and gain experience in the field.

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