2-Year Master inFashion: Design, Art & Technology

Master in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology
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Language: English | Start: October


Duration 2 Years

Accreditation MUR/Italy

ECTS 120

The two-year Master of Arts in Fashion: Design, Art & Technology offers an innovative vision and approach to creativity and the fashion industry. Its objective is to anticipate cross-cultural directions of multi-faceted themes.

The programme integrates art, fashion technology, and digital design within a new framework of multidisciplinary theory, practice, and experimentation.

It focuses on innovative approaches within materials and workflow — with the aim of generating the next visionary leaders of the fashion system.

You will explore technology throughout, including virtual, augmented, and extended reality; artificial intelligence, Web 3.0, and the ecologies of materials.

You will also examine new business models based on sustainability, circularity, and ethical practices.

The Fashion: Design, Art & Technology programme focuses on:

  • Experimentation and exploration of new fashion languages and contexts
  • Innovative sustainability (both in business models and materials)
  • Application of interdisciplinary knowledge to disruptive directions within fashion

You will deeply explore theoretical coursework, then put your knowledge into practice within an unconventional mix of workshops, seminars, specialized laboratories, and bootcamps.



During the programme’s first year, you will consolidate and expand your knowledge and skills as a fashion designer—introducing, experimenting with, and applying new methods of form-making that balance intention and function. You will learn digital design and manufacturing processes as an extension of traditional methods and tools.

Theoretical course topics include the phenomenology of styles and the social and cultural context of fashion. Workshops and labs focus on alternative fashion expression, materials research, and experimentation.


During your second year in the programme, our expert faculty will challenge you to explore and defend your design concepts: the what and how alongside the why. Courses focus on visual communication, the multimedia languages of fashion, materials innovation, and emerging technologies. You will have the chance to engage in workshops and labs, and in generative and accelerator bootcamps. The second year also includes a 12-credit final thesis project.

Programme Aims and Objectives

The programme aims to:

  • Form future fashion design professionals capable of researching and applying creative design principles to explore innovative contexts and forge new propositions.
  • Engage in critical and analytical thinking about fashion design and the fashion system to strategize for success.
  • Promote new fashion design skills and knowledge needed for critical evaluation to integrate and manage innovation and new technologies from initial creativity through production and distribution.
  • Develop business models that promote sustainability and ethical practices.
  • Engage in interdisciplinary development to drive innovation and unprecedented solutions.
Target Audience

If you are a young professional who is interested in developing an innovative personal vision and direction within the fashion industry, this two-year Master of Arts programme is for you.

Candidates should hold a first-level degree and/or have significant professional experience in the areas of fashion, art, or other design disciplines. Those with related knowledge, skills, and training are also encouraged to apply.

This programme can prepare you to launch a career in the following advanced roles within the industry:

  • Fashion designer
  • Fashion entrepreneur
  • Creative director
  • Community/sustainability / CSR (fashion) manager
  • Innovation & transformation (fashion) manager
  • R&D process / materials (fashion) innovator
  • Digital fashion designer / 3D modeling designer

It will also prepare you to begin a PhD programme in the fashion design area.

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