Advanced Course inDesign Futures

Advanced Course in Design Futures

This Advanced Course in Design Futures fosters a mindset that questions assumptions and embraces alternative perspectives, to emerge as visionary designers capable of driving significant and meaningful change.

Language English


Duration 16 Weeks

Start February

Are you willing to deepen your design knowledge in few weeks with a high-standard programme? Get a taste of the unique Domus Academy experience.

Over the past decade, Design Futures has emerged as a dynamic and multidisciplinary field, incorporating various practices, such as Speculative Design, Design Fiction, and Experiential Futures. As a cross-disciplinary field, Design Futures invites you to harness your research and imaginative capabilities, empowering them to shape more inclusive, sustainable, and transformative futures.

The Advanced Course in Design Futures is an approx. 16-week journey that will lead you to explore a diverse range of forward-thinking and futures-oriented approaches and methodologies, to envision and create possibilities beyond the current state.



The Advanced Course in Design Futures is organised in two modules. Each module includes one theoretical course and one workshop in the specific area of interest.

After successfully completing the Advanced Course, and additionally being recognised with 24 CFA/ECTS (for accredited path), students may have the opportunity to further proceed their studies by enrolling in the Academic Master’s Programme in Service Design.


Participants of the Advanced Course are expected to have a first level academic degree or a previous professional experience in the related field of study.

IELTS 5.0 certificate or equivalent is required.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.


Students are prepared to embark on a career as researchers, practitioners, self-employed consultants or entrepreneurs, or to consider a wide range of related roles in design consultancies, corporations, design studios, research institutions or start-ups, including:

  • Futures Researcher
  • Speculative Designer
  • Design Researcher
  • Innovation Consultant
  • Design Strategist
  • Futurist
Explore the Programme

A comprehensive exploration of transformative possibilities and systemic changes that have the potential to reshape society at different scales.
With a future-oriented perspective, the course delves into the emergence of novel and unexpected futures that challenge existing paradigms.

This theoretical course provides students with the necessary research skills and methodologies to explore emerging trends and drivers of change.
Students develop a research methods toolkit, including horizon scanning, participatory design, scenario building and experiential futures.


Through hands-on activities and collaborative projects, students facilitate co-creation processes and involve diverse stakeholders to develop scenarios and artefacts that inspire dialogue around potential futures.

This studio-based workshop is designed to translate future possibilities into tangible scenarios. By crafting actual artefacts and immersive experiences, this hands-on workshop enables a broad comprehension of the implications and impact of future contexts.

Silvio Cioni

Design Leader and Educator with extensive expertise as an interaction and service designer across various sectors and industries, Silvio Cioni has a Ph.D. in Information Society and a M.A. in Communication Sciences with a major in Human Computer Interaction.

Before joining Domus Academy, he was General Manager Milan and Executive Design Director at the Swiss design studio Sketchin, Founder and Design Director at THINGS, design and innovation agency for the Internet of Things, and Head of Interaction Design at H-ART, now AKQA Italy.


The Advanced Course involves the following costs:

Advanced Course Tuition

€ 9.000

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