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#Souvernirsfromthesea, fifteen stories recovered from the sea

Project in collaboration with Elisa Chiodo and Angela Ponzini

Project by:
Arora Shrishti, Burke Jenice Deborah Joyce, Chauhan Palash Hemantkumar, Kaewmanee Preejarumon, Kanbak Eren, Kejriwal Vartika, Naknawaphan Onnutcha, Rajkhowa Tonmoy, Runze Du, Schmitz Benedikt, Shah Aman Rajeev, Xie Shiyi, Yintong Li, Wei Dai, Zhou Jing

“#souvenirsforthesea, fifteen stories recovered from the sea” is a graphic and visual project that aims to raise environmental awareness, in particular related to the pollution of the seas and oceans.

The idea started from an archive of photographs called “souvenirdamare” consisting of fifteen plastic objects found and collected from the beaches of Vasto, in Abruzzo. Each of these “treasures of the sea” was assigned to a student. Students from the Master’s in Visual Brand Design had to investigate new visual and narrative modalities. The fifteen objects became the students’ source of inspiration and the starting point for the development of visual stories in form of booklets for an audience of both adults and children.

The project was presented at Ro Plastic Prize, the competition of Rosanna Orlani that aims to raise awareness regarding the plastic issue and challenge the design community to propose conscious innovative projects. #souvenirsfromthesea was a selected finalist and it has been exhibited at Museo Nazionale della Scienza e della Tecnologia, in Milan.

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