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Duration 4 Weeks
Hours: 60

Language:  English

Starting in January

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The Course

Videomaking For Fashion and Design

24 January – 19 February 2022

In this short intensive course, the participants will explore the complexity of visual languages and intent while being introduced to essential filmmaking principles and the technical skills to allow personal iterations in a range of video formats. Participants will approach visual narration and style while designing and producing a video project from script to screen. The participants will have the opportunity to investigate and realize a video content directed toward one among different areas of creative industries; short fashion film, brand video, creative personal narrative or video for social media.

– Format, intention and style_content
– Video languages and integration into creative process
– Narration and storytelling
– Video making fundamentals
– Production processes
– Product/service system innovation

Who Should Apply

Domus Academy Short Courses are tailored mainly for postgraduate students, students in the process to be graduated and young designers.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
– Analyze video style and content from online sources to inform a personal video project in different communication contexts;
– Develop an informed narration to guide the video project;
– Organise the production process, including planning and technical components to create a video to a professional standard;
– Design a video consistent with the intention of the brief to complete with a defined visual language;
– Appraise the storytelling and effectiveness of one’s own final output within the selected media context.


The ubiquity of short film and video as marketing, personal, and artistic expression has been facilitated by the introduction of accessible tools and visualization platforms. The immediacy of the media has also been integrated into the creative process itself in a wide range of disciplines, from fashion to design and even architecture, not simply as a final representation or visual storytelling.


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Course Programme

The first week of the course provides participants with theoretical and practical information. The participants will approach the fundamentals of video making through the identification of best practices within the standard formats–short film, interview, social media, video blog, marketing, as well as creative expression. Content creation and accessible video production tool will be introduced while approaching technical tools for video editing, such as Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects computer programs. Participants will begin a personal video project (ideation, research, and concept direction).

In the second week, participants will begin to develop and support the creation of the identified concept, performing conceptual research including style and aesthetics. The main design tools of the preproduction phase, such as concept development, mood board, storyboard, will be explored and implemented. This work will be contextualized with a comprehensive vision of the complete creative and technical process of video making. The phases of pre-production/production/postproduction will be outlined. Technical fundamentals such as equipment, format and resolution will be discussed including the particularities of the various communication channels.

In the third week, the individual video project will continue to be developed considering elements of tone, message and communication intent. Resources will be identified and next level elements such as script and location scouting be examined together with planning phases of the shooting, including lighting, casting, and styling. Experimentation and shooting exercises will be required to improve filming skills. Participants will have the opportunity to implement the creative and technical process of film making supported by the acquisition of advanced editing tools.

The final week will be dedicated to finalizing the project output with the conclusion of the shooting phase and to the editing of the contents in the post-production phase, applying the software and technical skills acquired. In the important stage of postproduction, the video content and raw footage are selected, reviewed and assembled into sequences following the established narrative and crafting the video project for distribution. Soundtrack fundamentals will be approached to complete the video project.


Domus Academy short courses involve the following costs:

All Students

Pre-Enrollment € 0
Tuition € 2500


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