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Duration 4 Weeks
Hours: 60

Language:  English

Starting in January

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The Course

Business Design and Strategy

24 January – 19 February 2022

At the beginning of the course, participants will identif y a company and use a design thinking approach to discover weaknesses and threats that are making its future uncertain. Then, they will apply business design methods to define a viable proposal to pivot its business model. In the latter part of the course, the participants will adopt a service design mindset to develop an innovative, human-centred product/service system that can be delivered to the market in a very short time frame, to boldly reorient the company toward a successful direction.

– VUCA world
– Design thinking
– Business design
– Service design
– Product/service system innovation

Who Should Apply

Domus Academy Short Courses are tailored mainly for postgraduate students, students in the process to be graduated and young designers.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
– Demonstrate a clear understanding of the current complex global business context applying an original interpretive perspective;
– Use a design thinking approach to detect the key factors related to a company situation;
– Apply business design methods to define why and how to effectively pivot its business model;
– Adopt a service design mindset to develop innovative product/service systems;
– Elaborate a product/service system innovation project at fast pace and under pressure.


This course is aimed at developing the participants’ ability to quickly define innovative business strategies in highly volatile contexts, thus allowing the companies they work for (as employees or consultants) to reinvent themselves through the creation of significant competitive advantage.


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Course Programme

The first week of the course begins with an introduction of the design thinking process and tools that inform the discovery phase of the project. Then participants are asked to select a company in urgent need of a strategic redefinition and immediately begin to apply the newly acquired approach to conduct secondary and primary research about and around it. At the end of the first week, participants will have detected all the key qualitative and quantitative reasons behind the sudden change in the company’s destiny and derived meaningful and timely insights.

The second week of the course is devoted to diving into business design and providing participants with all the essential methods to analyse the inner workings of a company. During this week, participants will become able not only to effectively communicate the way a company is structured and how its internal and external stakeholders relate each other, but even more to explain why it should pivot its business model to pursue unexpected opportunities lying at the intersection of what’s desirable by people, what’s technologically feasible, and what’s viable for them as a complex organization.

In the third week of the course, participants will build upon the acquired knowledge, understanding and comprehension of the pivoting possibilities to formulate a series of initial proposals that will be evaluated for potential. This process will be supported by applying key principles of service design and the use of tools to envision and execute a systemic-level, inclusive transformation. The objective is to develop an innovative, humancentred product/service system that can be delivered to the market in a compressed time frame, creating immediate and tangible value for all involved stakeholders, both internal and external.

In the final week of the course, the participants working individually and in teams will be challenged to rapidly deliver the proposal for the product/ service system through the creation of a proof of concept. The week will conclude with a presentation of the proposal and the proof of concept combined with a synthesis of the process and activities undertaken from the beginning of the course, illustrating the ability to work with a multidisciplinary approach combining the application of processes and tools of design thinking, business design and service design.


Domus Academy short courses involve the following costs:

All Students

Pre-Enrollment € 0
Tuition € 2500


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