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Zion Lacroix, former student and director of “Discord” selected for Milano Fashion Film Festival

18 January 2021

Zion Lacroix, former student of Domus Academy, is the director of the new film “Discord” which has been selected for Milano Fashion Film Festival 2021. The movie has already been screened in multiple fashion film festivals including Istanbul and Athens.

The story is about the tension between two women wearing the same dress. “In this digitized distant world two clashing character’s path crosses by in London town and that’s where the discord starts.” The director states “The important thing about this film is keeping things natural and simple; the shooting methods are inspired by 80s voyeurism” Doğa Vurgun, professionally known as Zion Lacroix, is a Turkish director, filmmaker and storyteller, born in Istanbul and based in Milan.

He studied Visual Arts & Visual Communication Design at Sabanci University in 2011/2016 and attended the Master in Visual Brand Design at Domus Academy in 2016/2017.

Lacroix began making audio and visual works when he was six years old and from the age of 12, he has been able to express himself through audiovisual storytelling. Since the early 2010s he has enjoyed a successful amateur solo career and has guested on many projects by other artists and groups.

Credits “Discord”
Fashion Designer: Boo Pala London
Original Track: Emre Baloğlu

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