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New Workshop in collaboration with Ugolini

15 March 2019

“New life: the transformation of an industrial area into a residential complex” was the title of the latest workshop launched by the Master in Urban Vision and Architectural Design in collaboration with Ugolini.

The aim of the workshop was to re-organize an area currently dedicated to the logistics and service industries. The program requires the replacement of current activities and the transformation of the site into a residential area.

Thanks to this workshop students developed design capacities related to the distribution of masses and volumes over an area, invested by a transformation process, and define a program in an appropriate and coherent relation with the context.

The workshop aims developed both the analytical skills inherent in the physical contexts of the intervention areas, and the more immaterial ones related to the relationship between market and society, between housing products offered and new human behaviors.

The project area, the production site of Ugolini, is located in the municipality of Opera, which extends to the southern edge of the municipality of Milan, within the system called Parco Sud. The area is in a context in which the spaces devoted to logistics and industry and those of residential development meet and cohabit for a long time together, giving life to an anomalous and multiform urban organization.

The result is a landscape, evidently, in “transition” still a little suspended and unfinished, within which the project lot could play an important role for its future definition.

During the workshop students worked with the project leader Gianandrea Barreca and the project advisor and program leader Elisa Poli.

Ugolini S.p.a. is an Italian company specialized in the production of soft drinks professional dispencers, such as granita, ice cream, juices and hot soluble machines.


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