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Forms follow fiction. Videomaking as Design tool.

25 March 2020

Domus Academy was delighted to host Pierluigi Anselmi, Italian videomaker, photographer and teacher, presenting the lecture Forms follow fiction: Videomaking as Design tool. In this online lecture Anselmi talked about the infinite possibilities of videomaking and how you can space with it as a design tool. Thanks to videomaking, designers can create fictions, non-existent, past and future scenarios. It gives freedom from the constraint of reality, making possible solutions that for now are impossible, thus making the way of designing and prototyping elastic and flexible.

Pierluigi Anselmi is the founder of Anรกnimation, where he designs and produces animations, fictions, trailers, short movies and documentaries for brands such as Future Brand, Havas WW, H-art, Id-lab, Museo della Scienza, la Triennale, Loropiana, RitaRIta, Editoriale Lotus, Edizioni Zero, Opos/AsapLab, Le Balene, Reggio Children and PostmediaBooks. He teaches digital design and videoclip and he gave workshops such as storytelling and street-photography in Domus Academy and in other Italian universities.

This lecture was part of the Experience Design Workshop, realized in collaboration with Experientia and conducted by Jan-Christoph Zoels.

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