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31 March 2020

General Q&A for Students (applying primarily to September, October and February intakes)

Why hasn’t Domus Academy suspended lessons?   

As per the government decree and health ministry ordinance, Domus Academy has suspended only on-campus academic activities. Domus Academy is doing everything possible to allow your course of study to continue while ensuring your safety and welfare.  By transferring the courses online to our e-learning platform, your course of study may continue, leading toward the successful completion of your studies and graduation.

This is the collective approach of all educational establishments and the student bodies at this particular moment in time, all coming together to champion the value of progress that distinguishes the discipline, particularly in times of adversity.

Are the current academic activities obligatory?

The current activities being offered online, including the present workshops, are an integral part of the accredited academic program. Upon successful completion, you will receive all ECTS credits for these courses. The activities are a fundamental part of your plan of study and are not optional.

Can I do my internship even if I have participated or completed in the current workshop in my home country?

As per the academic regulation, all credits established in the plan of study need to be successfully acquired before proceeding in the internship. Without these credits, your internship cannot be activated. Only students who have successfully completed the required course, workshops and exams can proceed to the curricular internship.

If I am back in my home country in another time zone, how can I follow the lessons?

 The online lecture sessions are recorded and they are available to you on Blackboard.  You may access the recordings directly in Blackboard by clicking on the ‘Blackboard Collaborate’. We highly recommend that whenever possible, you follow the sessions live to take full advantage of all session activities that may include interactive discussions, question and answers and other direct feedback. For any project revisions, we ask students to be present in the online sessions at the scheduled time to allow live input from the professors. We realize this may require that you adjust your schedule to adapt to the local time in Italy for these sessions.

How can I work online with my group?

 As indicated by your Program Leaders and Project Leaders and Assistants, the blackboard platform offers various tools to facilitate exchange and group work. The most frequently used tools on Blackboard for this purpose are ‘online sessions’ and ‘discussion groups’ within ‘collaborate’, which remain continuously active. We also remind all students that your email gives you the possibility to access Google Drive, where you can easily work on shared files and that you can use as a Cloud.

Another essential key component to successful group work online remains good collaborative practises and organization as you would typically do offline. Collaborative research and projects do not require you to be working simultaneously on the same item but do require you to work in a coordinated manner. Some additional planning and subdivision of the work may be required. Remote working and collaborative team often work across time zones regularly occur in our advanced technological society.

Will this situation change our Academic Calendar?

The academic calendar will undergo some changes, but we are re-planning and shifting all activities so that the academic year and your intake can complete all necessary activities with only minor modifications. If the current situation is prolonged for any reason, this might change. As soon as these are updated with the most recent information and changes, we will promptly share them with you.

There would be a possibility that my internship would conflict with this course. Would it be flexible to adjust accordingly?

Yes, the academic calendar is being revised to guarantee that all originally planned activities can be carried out, including your curricular internship.

Can I freeze or postpone my studies and start again in the next intake? 

Domus Academy is working in compliance with the decrees dispatched by the Italian Ministry of Education and other National Authorities, which has required us to suspend on-campus activity (as of the latest decree, the suspension is until Apr. 3rd). Following the Italian Ministry of Education indications and adhering to local and international norms followed by universities and schools of higher education, we have transferred our course online to allow learning from a distance in this period. This will enable your educational activities and experience to continue. Under these current circumstances, no interruption or postponement of studies is foreseen.

If I withdraw from the Master course, will I be able to get a refund?

The withdrawal from studies is a formal act through which you decide to end your academic career. It is very important to understand that this is an irrevocable act and does not imply the right to reimbursement of any fees paid. For non-European Union students, upon withdrawal from your studies, you will lose your right to stay in Italy.

Can we book flights to come back to Milan by April 3rd?

The Italian authorities are acting promptly to contain the consequence of a global emergency at a national level. We are confident that the action plan now in place is going in the right direction to contain the situation and get back to normal life as fast as possible; however, the situation is still quite uncertain. So far, the official dispatches indicate Apr. 3rd as the ending for the period of school closure. We cannot guarantee the Apr. 3rd date, this depends entirely on the government and to the successful containment of the Covid-19 transmission in this period.

To avoid any expenditure that you might occur due to any possible travel date changes that may become necessary due to changes in school opening dates, we are allowing some flexibility in your return to campus.

If there are no further, last-minute changes, the campus will reopen on Apr. 6th, this will allow students who are already in Italy, the possibility to return to campus.  In any case, we recommend booking flights that allow for changes or, if possible, wait until after Apr. 3rd to confirm the tickets. See below for further information regarding the conclusion of this module.

How will the final presentations of the workshop be organised? What will happen if I cannot get back to Italy on time?

We have anticipated this difficulty and will allow some flexibility in the students’ return to campus. For the planned reopening for the week of April 6th-April 10th, all review sessions, classes and final presentations will also be available online. Students will be allowed to participate in the final presentations in remote through Blackboard.

Regarding my attendance, how will it be managed? Will there be problems since the activities are online?

The school continues to take attendance for all online sessions and as usual in all workshops, the faculty is also monitoring your engagement. Your participation in this workshop, together with the work produced, will be evaluated at the end of the module. These activities, following the directives received from the Ministry of Education, will allow you to earn academic credit. We realize that in certain situations, some students may not have been able to follow all sessions live. For your benefit, we encourage you to participate to your full capacity; however, the extraordinary situation will be taken into consideration regarding the overall attendance.

What happens after April 3rd if the situation does not improve?

The indications given by the Government so far indicate April 3rd as the deadline for this moment of lockdown. We have extended the period of your workshops, so that they will conclude online by April 9th.

After this date, we shall continue with theoretical courses of the next module always online, in order to anticipate any further extension of the lockdown period (until April 30th). If the situation improves in the meanwhile, this would hopefully give time to all students who left Italy to come back in the meantime.

What is going to happen with the internships?

We are re-arranging the academic calendar to be slightly modified: the calendar will be pushed ahead. We will have some modifications, but the internships will take place, they will be postponed by a couple of weeks. Portfolio delivery date has already been communicated and CS will facilitate the organization of interviews with companies. Companies are happy and engaged with us wanting our students as interns. Everything is in line and planned for the internships to take place regularly.

Will there be a delay in graduation for September Intake?

The internship will start in June to conclude at the end of July. Exams will be in September 2020. This is the current plan based on current conditions. We will notify you if this need to be changed for any reason.

If the situation does not improve, is there a possibility that courses are interrupted?

Domus Academy, together with all schools of the Galileo Global Education Italia will guarantee the continuity in its educational programs through the online platform. This is in line with the decision of almost every university and institute of higher education worldwide. Our priority as an Institute is not to interrupt your studies. Courses and workshops will be adapted in order to better fit the online dimension while maintaining Domus Academy’s unique approach. Once back on campus, students will be given the benefit of additional activities.

In the extended workshops will the final presentations overlap with other activities?

No, there won’t be any overlapping. We have arranged the schedule and the calendar so that all activities can be held in their entirety and without conflicting with other lessons. The beginning of the next courses has simply been moved ahead to not create any conflicts.

Can students have a choice not to take online classes and then start again when we can physically come back on campus?

We are aware and understand some of the difficulties being at a distance.  The continuity of your academic experience is important.  As an Institute, we believe that remote collaboration can be an important learning experience in this moment and your studies should not stop.  We urge our students to take the challenge, to go forward in their learning process.

When will we get the new Academic Calendar?

We are working on the Academic Calendar re-arranging all activities. We will share it with you as soon as possible. Just for your indication, the next module will be organized as follows: Coursed from April 14th to April 30th / Workshops from May 4th to June 10th. Internship for students of Intake September 2019 shall be postponed from June 15th to July 31st.

Q&A applying primarily to March intake

How will portfolio revisions be organized?

In case you still have not already started your reviews of the final portfolio, the Program Leaders and the Academic Coordination will contact you directly.

Will exams for the March Intake 2019 be postponed?

Yes, the exams for the March Intake 2019 will be postponed until Apr. 21st and Apr. 22nd . This has been done to allow as many students as possible to conclude their current curricular internship as possible. The curricular internship must be completed, and the credits earned for you to access this examination session. Students will have the possibility to participate in the examination session from remote.

My permit of stay is expiring at the end of March, what shall I do?

 If your permit of stay is expiring by the end of March, please contact Academic Registration at to request a certificate of your records and the expected graduation date.  Academic Registration will also be happy to provide you information on how to renew your permits.

Blackboard Collaborate Q&A

Are there connection issues for users?

Blackboard Collaborate is accessible from any country, however this does not negate the potential for individual participants to experience connection issues due to local bandwidth availability. The inability for individuals to connect to a Collaborate session or slowness and disruption to the feed during a session does not indicate a problem with load on the Collaborate servers. Due to latency, there may be a lag in users responding via chat or audio.

To maximise the experience, there are a number of items users should consider when using the service.

I can connect to a session, but it keeps telling me I have low bandwidth or I keep reconnecting. What can I do?

  • Check your wi-fi strength is good and internet appears to be functioning correctly. Shut down tabs and open a tab to access your University’s website or a website outside your country.
  • Try closing all other open applications on your computer, there could be another application that is using your network connection heavily.
  • Try not to use a hotspot from your phone but a stable home connection.
  • Using WiFi will only contribute to the latency/bandwidth issues. Generally we always recommend a hardwired connection over WiFi just due to the nature of WiFi.
  • Don’t share your webcam video unless required.

Please also keep in mind that bandwidth is not only a concern regarding the network. Other factors, such as latency, jitter and packet loss can all affect the quality of the session.

What browsers does Collaborate Support?

Browsers may also be a factor, we suggest that you use the last release of Firefox that is tested and certified by Blackboard. Not all browsers support audio and video communication nor is Blackboard testing all countries browsers with Collaborate Ultra at this time.

Download the below documents for more details:

Are there any softwares available for download to install on my personal devices while working from home?

Yes, using your Domus Academy email you have access to:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign..): read the tutorial to learn more
  • Autodesk Software (AutoCAD, MAYA, 3DS Max..): read the tutorial to learn more
  • Maxon Cinema 4D: read the tutorial to learn more


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