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Domus Academy takes part in “Change the world with words”

10 December 2018

Amelia Valletta, Domus Academy Academic Project Leader and Senior Lecturer will be among the protagonists of “Change the world with words – Applied Anthropology and communication”, the 6th convention of SIIAItalian Society of Applied Anthropology.

On 14th December in Cremona the designer, Amelia Valletta will discuss “Design Thinking, anthropologic research and shared approaches.”

Anthropologists and designers have intensified their collaboration with the new disciplinary field, Design Thinking. In its most recent form, Design Thinking is a creative process aimed at defining anthropological scenarios of opportunities which trace functional and ritual systems related to real-life contexts, with new images of culturally sensitive diversity.
The lecture will discuss projects carried out at Domus Academy during academic workshops, and in collaboration with public institutions, non-profit foundations and companies, where anthropology and its tools have contributed to the definition of inclusive projects, with the exploration of man and its exceptionality.

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