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Domus Academy invites you to “Liberate yourself” a talk by UAU collectiv

5 April 2019

Domus Academy invites you to “Liberate yourself” a talk by UAU collectiv, on April 9th at 11am at DBOX Magna Pars.

UAU collectiv is a collective based on the realization of a creative platform and think-tank. It works in a solid organization, where everyone receives recognition, freedom and respect, and can fully develop.

During “Liberate yourself” is about the UAU’s ambition to further reinforce the collective in other policy domains as well in order to offer the clients added value in different domains. Therefore, the collective has to be able to communicate and collaborate at a high level with other partners in the business world. The mission statement offers clarification and vision: UAU collectiv wants to create a world of wonders by approaching an assignment with an open mind, which generates added value for people and their environment.

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