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Domus Academy hosts ‘How to bootstrap your startup idea’

15 March 2019

Domus Academy is pleased to host ‘How to bootstrap your startup idea‘ event held by Founder Institute. The event that will take place on 25th March from 7pm in room 00.
During the event attendees will have the opportunity to get real and not-so-glamorous insights on the reality of starting a disruptive business.

If you have an idea or a startup and would like to receive honest feedback and guidance on how to get started, how to survive, overcome obstacles and continuous challenges, then join the event!

You will have the opportunity to meet: Chiara Piatti, flexible and multicultural consultant with a strict business driven and client partnering approach; Francesco Mantegazzini, entrepreneur, investor and Judge of Startup Events and Competitions; Peter Lazou, chapter director FI Milan and venture builder with over 20 years of experience in building startup ecosystems.

Having a viable business idea is one thing, but getting out there and building a startup is a completely different thing. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how experienced entrepreneurs have tackled and overcome the problems you or others are facing, book your spot here!

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