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An athlete turned designer

5 March 2020

Domus Academy is delighted to announce that the alumna Heta Davey is now pursuing her entrepreneurial career in the field of sustainability and textiles. She graduated from Srishti School of Art Design and Technology, India as a textile designer and worked in the Indian textile industry as a junior designer and merchandiser. In 2017, she joined the Business Design Master’s program at Domus Academy and graduated in the year 2018.

She mentioned her time at Domus Academy as the perfect concoction of cultural diversity, professional exposure and creative challenges. Heta refers: “It gave me the opportunity to interact with some of the biggest companies from the design field, thereby enriching my learning experience. I came to Domus Academy as an aspiring entrepreneur and graduated with all the tools and knowledge to follow through with that dream.”

And her dream became reality. She recently founded her own company, called Basal Studio. It is a conscious brand that strongly believes in sustainable practices. She creates zero-waste resort wear for women and bespoke home linens.
The products are handcrafted with care and meticulous detail. Being handmade, each piece bears its own special imperfections that make it unique.

Basal Studio pushes the boundaries of natural dyeing by exploring the unique art of Eco Printing on carefully sourced, finest quality natural fabrics. Its products borrow from nature extensively, including the fabric, the dyes, and the motifs, to bring to you a range of apparels that guide you back to your roots.

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