Short Course in

Design Methods & Future Studies

Design Methods and Future Studies

Language: English

Starting periods: January


Duration 4 Weeks

Hours 60

Location Online

Fee 2.500

The act of designing is projecting into the future; it involves imagining, creating and producing an object (an artifact) or service that doesn’t yet exist for future use or consumption. However, the future as a temporal phenomenon cannot be examined. Designers have traditionally referred to the past and present to developed products and services to meet users’ needs and desires –often using ethnographic research in a usercentric design approach.

The complexities and uncertainties of the contemporary global and interconnected world require design to address broader themes and issues—a condition in which the role of design is being redefined. New methodological approaches need to be applied to address this for continued relevancy in the 21st century.


This course introduces methods and strategies for envisioning the future as part of the design process. The course will explore the field of futures studies and foresight practices in relation to design to help participants design products, interaction and services scenarios for our near and next futures.

– Design methodology
– Creative methods
– Forecasting and envisioning
– Design-based futures
– Futures studies and speculative design


Domus Academy Short Courses are tailored mainly for postgraduate students, students in the process to be graduated and young designers.

All courses are taught in English. A high level of proficiency in the English language is required.




On successful completion of the course, students will be able to:
– Analyze contemporary topics from critical perspective to inform the design process;
– Develop an articulated design context based on research;
– Formulate a conceptual proposal for a product, service, space or architecture that responds to a new design context;
– Apply a design method in a process that reframes the role of design;
– Appraise how design can positively impact our future.

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